Tony’s Blog – What Kind Of Example Are You?


As a parent, I feel like I can safely say we don’t always do the best job. No one is perfect & we all let some things slip through the cracks now & then, but it seems lately that I’m seeing it more & more. An example of what I’m talking about happened the other day on one of the trails where I ride my bike. It’s more of a track, really, and it circles a golf course. The path is shared by bicyclists, runners, walkers, etc. & you have to be mindful of others to prevent any collisions. I came around a curve & there was a mom letting her 2 very small children wander all over the track. I slammed on my brakes & narrowly missed running right into them. The mom didn’t even look at me, she just slowly moved them to the side. No apology, no nothing. This was moments after I almost went headlong into a dad whose face was buried in his phone.
PinkLogo Parents – It’s our job to teach our kids manners. Be a better example. Don’t let them run free in places where they could get hurt. Stay off your phone when you’re with them & give them 100% of your attention. We’re getting lazier about these little things & we’re going to pay the price in many ways if we don’t step up our efforts.

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