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A story is gathering steam in the country music world & it really has me upset.

Little Big Town has a new single out, titled “Girl Crush,” and as usual they knock it out of the park with their beautiful harmonies & great storytelling. Unfortunately, due to either the ignorance or laziness of a small group of people, it’s facing some backlash. For some reason beyond my ability to understand, some radio stations are pulling it off the air because they’ve either received listener complaints or think they might receive some. The stupidity of this is two-fold:

P1000665First, for anyone wrongly believing this song has anything to do with some “gay agenda” or lesbian overtones, take your head out of your prejudiced rear & really listen to the lyrics. That really should be all that’s required to solve your misplaced anger. If you still think that way, I can’t help you. No one can.

Second, to the radio “pros” who are pulling it, shame on you. We’re supposed to support art. We’re supposed to help bring new, exciting, different songs to the listening public. What we’re not supposed to do is bend to a minority of narrow-minded people who don’t even understand what a song means. If we receive calls complaining, let’s take the time to help people get on the right track, rather than panicking & going with the lazy, knee-jerk reaction to just eliminate the source of the so-called drama.
safe_imageWe get it. Ratings are as important as ever & we should always try to please the majority of our audience, but at what cost to art? Is unnecessary censorship really where you want to go?

We’re playing the song. We’ll continue to play it & hopefully help any of those who have misunderstood it to come around to what a great song it is. Click the pic to hear the song.

One thought on “Tony’s Blog – Don’t Be Stupid! It’s Only A Crush!

  1. Kalene

    I LOVE their new song! Shame on the small narrow minded people that are complaining about a great song! That arent even taking the time to really listen to it.

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