Tony’s Pet Peeve


OUT OF STOCK_2I try to keep things positive here, but this time I have to vent about a real pet peeve.
Katie & I love to check out new restaurants around Nashville & we’ve discovered some real gems. However, one barbecue place we’ve tried a couple times has been out of major menu items both times. I get being a small “mom & pop” place & running out of popular items, but this is a bigger place with 2 locations & I just don’t understand. Some other examples: A McDonald’s being out of buns. BUNS at a HAMBURGER place! A Denny’s being out of EGGS & a Taco Bell that gave a salad but no silverware because they were out.
Maybe I’m crazy, but I believe if you’re a restaurant, especially a chain, it’s your job to be able to serve EVERYTHING on your menu. What about you? Ever been at a restaurant & couldn’t believe they were out of a certain item? Tell me about it!

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