Kris’ 5 Questions – Super Bowl, Travel, & Dating

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Kevin who listens to the Big 95 in Birmingham, Al. sent in these 5 Questions for Kris

Pixelmator picture1. Who do you like to win the super bowl?
I dislike both teams greatly, but I’ll guess Hawks 31-20

2. Where are you going to vacation this year?
Don’t have a vacation planned but a lot of “working vacations”
Virgin Islands in March and May, Key West, Chicago, San Diego, New York, Orlando, and The Tony and Kris Country Cruise in October.

Unknown-13. Have you kept up with your New Year Resolution?
Yes, my goal was to cook more, I have been and watch my calories and I’ve done well so far.

4. What’s a TV show you are into right now?
Matt Leblanc is in a show called “Episodes” that I find quite entertaining

5. In the dating world, what’s a red flag for you?
If she “NEEDS” a boyfriend or husband. I want to date a woman that has her life together and doesn’t need me but wants me in her life.

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