Kris’ Blog – The Last Time I’ll Use A Cab

Run your business like you’re going out of business and you will!

images I have been a supporter of Uber for a while now and have heard great things about Lyft. If you are not using these services you are missing out. Great clean cars, with people genuinely happy to be working and great rates.
The last straw for me with cabs happened the other night when I got back from the airport. I had parked 2 miles from the airport and just needed to be dropped off to get my car upon my return.
When I jumped in the cab and he said where to? I told him just a couple of miles, he immediately groaned and said, really just a couple of miles. Big sigh. He then asked how to get there, I gave him the address. He said which way, I said, just type the address into your GPS. He said, I know the area, which way. This went on several minutes until he was on the freeway. I then got him back to where he needed to go, asking me every step of the way where to turn, what to do. I asked “Do you get charged for using your GPS?, I’m trying to handle some work and walking you through this is a pain. He then gave me a speech about this trip being too short. When we arrived, finally… He tried to charge me 25.00 for the flat rate from Airport. I ended up paying it and decided never again. Uber and Lyft are the way to go.

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