Tony’s Blog – Have You Heard About My Mouth?


Pixelmator pictureI’ve mentioned many times that I’m cavity-free. Yes, it’s true, 46 years with no cavities. I take good care of my teeth, but even with no cavities, my gums need extra attention. My dentist has been on me to get a Philips Sonicare for well over a year. In my apa-010_1ztypical fashion, I blew him off until just a few months ago. Boy, was I wrong. Picked up one of the mid-range toothbrushes & it’s AWESOME. When I went in for my last cleaning, before they knew I had been using it, both the dentist & my hygienist commented on how clean my teeth already were, before they did anything to them. I also like it because it automatically lets me know how long to brush. A handy addition for those of us who don’t usually brush long enough. Mouth troubles? I highly recommend one of these puppies!

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