Kris’ Blog – Cruise Recap & A Quick Rant


keep-calm-and-take-deep-breathsHey everyone. The Tony and Kris Country Cruise is behind us this year. What a great time! Probably my favorite cruise so far. The ports were amazing and the performances from American Young, Johnny Bulford and Janell Wheeler were amazing. We have already announced the details for next year’s cruise. We’ve been so lucky with a fun group that goes, and want to grow that. Only plan to go if you’re cool and fun like everyone that went this year.
We are looking for more sponsors and prizes for next year’s cruise. If you know someone at a national company that may want to sponsor or put some prizes for the cruise in the mix, have them email us at THANK YOU.

Quick reminder, it’s that time. Holiday season and that means people are more rude, impatient, and just angry. Try to smile and move on BUT don’t take it out on the workers at the places. When I was a kid, I remember working at KMART, and someone always would come through the line and hold up the line with something, didn’t have the money to pay, or wanted to argue about something we were not allowed to do. The next people would then yell at me for the line being backed up. I saw a lady that was clearly stressed the other day at Subway that just beat the heck out of the kid behind the counter. Don’t take out your stress on people. Just smile and take a deep breath. That’s my rant. Have a great day!
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