Will Tony Ever Remarry? Will Kris Ever Have Kids?

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1. Is not named after Tony Randall the actor, but rather Saint Anthony of Padua.
2. Has three children; 2 daughters and a son.
3. Is right-handed now but was born left handed.
4. Is a trivia nut.
5. May have watched the entire series of Seinfeld more than anyone.
6. Is heavily involved in theatre and his favorite role he’s played is Huck in Big River.
7. Knows all the the state capitols.
8. Has played the drums since he was 13.
9. Is a huge dog lover.
10. Has never had a cavity.

1. You split with your wife a while back, do you ever see yourself getting remarried? More kids? Definitely won’t have any more kids from my loins. I don’t want to be a senior citizen raising a baby. Never thought I’d remarry, but now that Katie’s in my life I’m re-thinking that. I guess we’ll see what the future holds!

2. What do you like to do with your spare time? Movies, music, books, biking, running.

3. You joke a lot about your gray hair, will you ever dye it? Never. I’m less concerned about the ones turning gray than I am about the ones turning loose.

4. What’s something you love about your job? I love to make people laugh & feel good. This job has given me that chance for over 25 years.

10 Random Facts About Kris

1. Writes, eats, plays guitar, and tennis left handed. Golfs, throws, and bats right handed
2. Is very allergic to cats
3. Can’t stand seafood
4. Loves college football and the ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE
5. Can quote his favorite movies line for line
6. Decided he wanted to be in radio when he was 12
7. Always loves visiting tropical places
8. Is a songwriter with BMI in Nashville
9. Works out about 5 days a week- weights, running, boxing
10.Tries to keep a pretty positive attitude about things

1. You’ve been divorced for many years now, will you ever remarry and what about kids?

That’s tough to say.. If I found someone that was without a doubt my best friend in the world, and she felt the same – then probably. Kids? I’m 43 and in my life I’ve met one woman that I could have seen me having a kid with, so that ship has probably sailed, BUT never say never.

2. What do you do in your spare time?
Depends on the day. May be practicing guitar, songwriting, or checking out a movie or bar.

3. Are you as cocky in life as you seem on air?
Ha… I’m confident in what I know, but also confident in what I don’t know. I’ve got insecurities just like everyone, I usually just try to tackle whatever it is and beat it.

4. What’s something you love about your job?
I enjoy getting to be creative and have fun with whatever is going on in the world, and not being stuck in an office type situation.


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