Kris’ Romantic Weekend Indoors…

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Shannon listening in Palm Springs emailed these questions in for the guys…Tony’s answers will come soon.

jamesbond1. If you and your gf were going to stay in on a rainy weekend, what would you plan to make it a fun time?

FIRST, I don’t have a GF yet so this is a bit premature. Rainy weekend, hmmn. I’m a movie lover and love themes, so I’d probably have something like a Bond Weekend, with martini’s and time it where we order food for whatever country he’s in during that time. Make sense? If Bond’s in Italy, Italian food it is. I’d stop short of wearing a tux though…LOL, and it doesn’t have to be Bond.. That’s just an example.

2. What is your go to drink when relaxing?
Glass of ice with Jack Fire, or Vodka (Tito’s) Soda with a lime

3. Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how?
Finger in first grade playing dodge ball, and my nose too many times to count

Unknown4. If a product endorsed you, what would be the ideal product?
5 Hr Energy OR Monster Energy Drinks.

5. How many pets do you have and what are the names?
No pets

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