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safe_image.phpI’ve written before about missing certain foods when you move from one part of the country to another. For me, moving from San Diego to Nashville meant leaving behind two of my favorite things: The best Mexican food north of the border & In-N-Out burgers.
Luckily, I found Oscar’s Taco Shop a few years ago & have been enjoying great Mexican food from folks who moved here from San Diego.
Unfortunately, In-N-Out has no plans to open here so my only chance to get it is when I visit California. However, thanks to me striking up a conversation with a guy in a Chargers jersey at Petco, I learned that help for my burger jones was close. He told me about the Burger Shack.
Katie & I went last night & it was like a taste of home. Amazingly close to the flavor of In-N-Out & an all-around GREAT experience. Luckily, it’s about 30 minutes from our place or we’d both end up weighing 300 pounds! If you’re a west coast transplant in middle Tennessee, I highly recommend checking them out! CHECK OUT THE MENU — HERE

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