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Summer seems to be coming to an end with all the kids going back to school, but

for me there is still so much going on that it doesn’t feel like it is coming to an end. Between birthday parties, concerts, the rodeo, BBQ’s, and prepping for the Tony and Kris Country Cruise there is a lot going on in my world. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fall, and I am excited for hoodie weather, although we don’t get a lot of that here, I love my hoodies, and wearing them!
carnival_dream_slider1Speaking of the Tony and Kris Cruise, have you booked yourself to come along for the fun in the sun yet? I can’t wait! It will be a nice vacation. One of my best friends is coming along this time. She has never been on a cruise before, and she and I haven’t had a vacation together, other than an occasional weekend here and there in probably 8 years. That’s what happens when you live 90 minutes apart, and have different schedules. Her and I have already scheduled our shore excursions, and between zip-lining, cave tubing, snorkeling, paddle boarding and swimming with the dolphins, not to mention all the things that Tony and Kris have planned for us, we are more than ready for a mischievous adventure. I am really excited about this cruise, learning about and listening to the artist they are bringing on board the cruise with us. Country Duo American Young, artist, songwriter Johnny Bulford, and artist, songwriter Janell Wheeler are all joining us on this year’s cruise. I am excited it is going out of New Orleans this year; I have never been there, so we are going in a couple days early to see New Orleans before boarding the awesome cruise ship! Cruise ships are already awesome, but I am looking forward to the water slide, and trying the steak house on the cruise ship also. The cruise will be what you make of it, for me it will be an awesome adventure. Hope to see you all on board!
UnknownOn another note, is anyone else excited about Football being back? This weekend I will be getting together with my Fantasy Football team to select our teams and get ready to kick off the season. I am looking forward to it. I am a huge sports fan, and as much as I love baseball, I can’t just watch it on TV, unless it is the World Series or the All Star game… but football on the other hand is a lot of fun to watch. It should be a great season of football, and with the new rules it should become a little more interesting. Whichever team you are rooting for, I hope they have a good clean healthy season.
I hope you enjoy what is left of summer, and enjoy the fall weather that is coming in.

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