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The Power of Music

I believe that Bono may have said it best, saying “Music can change the world because music can change people”. I honestly believe that is the truth. The power of music is something that shouldn’t be dismissed. Have you ever been in a horrible mood, got in the car to drive to work, put in your favorite CD, and by the time that you arrived your mood had completely changed? Maybe it was the sound of your kids singing in the bathtub or in their room that caught you off guard and made you smile. Or, possibly a song brought back memories of a loved one and brought you to instant tears. Music has the power to make us laugh, smile, think, make us sad, bring us to tears, completely change our mood…we all have songs that the moment we hear them, we have a million memories come flooding back. For me, sometimes it is things that I haven’t thought about in months or years, but the moment I hear the song, my mind goes to that place. There is a certain song, that was played at my mom’s funeral…I listen to it, on my terms, when I want to, because it somehow makes me feel closer to her. But, if I get caught off guard by it, such as on the radio, in the grocery store, or on the television, I can’t deal with it. I am immediately in tears and it isn’t a good experience. That’s the power of music.

UnknownMy love for music started at a very early age. My mom loved music and was always playing records and singing. T.V wasn’t something that I was allowed to watch much of, except for Hee Haw every Saturday with my grandparents. I loved sitting beside my grandma’s recliner and watching that show with her, listening to her sing along, not knowing then that I would carry that with me forever. Being that I wasn’t allowed to watch tv, I always had the radio on, recording the countdown on cassette tapes, and listening to them over and over. I listened to music all of the time, usually through headphones, so I didn’t bother the rest of my family. I still listen to music all of the time…tv isn’t something I enjoy much. I know what music I need to hear to get me through a tough day, what I need to hear to help me remember someone who seems so far away, and then there are the songs that hit you, either good or bad, when you least expect it. That’s the power of music.

Loving music is a great thing that I pass along to my kids. Music has brought some amazing people into my life. Several of my closest friends I met because of our love for a certain artists music, but it has became much more than that. That was just the icebreaker and the connecting factor for something greater. There is nothing better than enjoying time with friends at a concert, sharing our love for music, and forgetting whatever problems we might have had…at least for a little while. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. That’s the power of music.

Music is my greatest stress reliever…it’s what gets me through the day and helps me regain my sanity even on the roughest days. The next time you hear a song, be aware of the way it makes you feel, rather it be an old favorite, or a new cut, I guarantee it will make you feel something. That’s the power of music…

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