Attractive Blonde Woman Text Messaging on Her Cell Phone While Driving.DRIVING IS DANGEROUS! It’s not just because you are in a metal case going 70mph and anything could happen. It’s because people no longer are defensive drivers. People seem to me, to drive as if it’s your job to get out of the way of them. I was taught, watch for other people, drivers, give them warning when you are going to change lanes, and don’t drive like a maniac tailgating, etc.. People speed up in parking lots when they see someone backing out of a spot instead of waiting for the person to get out. I bring this up because driving to Alabama recently, I noticed a man at a high rate of speed, coming up on me. I was in the left lane, so I turned on my signal and started to get over to let him by, of course he slid to the right lane without a signal and almost hit me. He then skipped back to the left lane, cutting someone off so that they slammed on their brakes. I saw him do this to several other people. Texting all the while too. Just asking people to be more “Defensive” when driving because other people are not looking out for anything that might go wrong. Do you agree? Remember when you are driving, it’s not just YOU know what you are doing, it needs to be others know what you are doing too. What do you see people doing that is dangerous?

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