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T-Time ~ Sights and Sounds of Nashville

“You can fall in love at first sight with a place as well as a person.” ~ Alec Waugh
Aaah…Nashville…the sights, sounds and people of Nashville. It draws me back every year. Kelly and I did our annual Nashville vacation a few weeks ago and I have to say that returning to this area never grows old. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Nashville, take it…you will not be disappointed.
Every year that we go down we ALWAYS find something new to do. Let me share with you a few places that we’ve visited.
Unknown • Centennial Park and the Parthenon
• American Archeology – American Pickers store
• Tootsies
• Franklin – nice shopping town
• Printers Alley – we FINALLY found this on accident
• Hermitage Hotel
• Tennessee State Museum
• Judge Beans BBQ
• The Factory – this isn’t much to see as far as shopping BUT they have a really cool antique mall attached plus a HUGE rocking chair right outside the door going into The Factory.
• Losers Bar and Winners Bar and Grill
• Loveless Café
• Jackson, TN

Some of these places we’ve gone to over the past three years but the first ones were from this year. Look at #6. Why would we tell you to go to the Hermitage Hotel? Unless you have a lot of money don’t stay there but it’s a historical hotel and is known for its really cool men’s bathroom (yes we checked it out and got caught by a gentleman who was very confused) and is an absolutely beautiful place to look at. You can look at their Grand Ball Room or check out the Veranda. Awesome interiors!
We went to The Tennessee State Museum when we wanted to fill in some down time and the few hours that we were there was not enough to see everything. The displays are awesome!
We took one day to look at the tourist places to visit like the park and Parthenon and then we found out from Kris that when we went to the American Archeology store, we had just missed the press conference that Garth Brooks held there to announce his new tour. Bummer!
IMG_2606Kris introduced us to Judge Beans in Brentwood the first year that we went down and Tony introduced us to Losers so those are two places that we always visit when we go back because they’re just cool places to hang out at plus Judge Bean’s has awesome food!
One thing you must absolutely check out is world famous Tootsies. This year we had several friends that came to meet us in Nashville and walked around with us. My friends, Paul and Linda from Michigan that moved to Bowling Green, KY a few years ago, were in town that Friday night and another friend of ours, Connie, also came into town to hang out with us that night. It was great to catch up with Paul and Linda as we ate dinner at Bailey’s before they had to go home and then walking around with Connie is always a hoot! Of course this year, we met up with Kris at Tootsies so you know that we had a great time! Kris asked me that night what the positives and negatives were of our trip so far and I told him that honestly there hadn’t been any negatives but even when there are negatives, Kelly and I pretty laugh about it and add it to our list of (mis)adventures. We’re on vaca so who cares if we lose a few minutes or have to do things a little differently. On Saturday night, we took our other friend Brenda, downtown to the Hard Rock Café to see Matt Giraud. Before you go to Tootsies, check their schedule because one artist that you will want to see is Scott Collier. He is awesome and he knows how to put on a great show! The interaction between him the crowd is so engaging that we spend most of the evening there. Check him out on YouTube.
So one of things that Kelly and I decided is that if you’re going to just go to Nashville for a weekend, it’s best to stay in a hotel downtown if that’s where you’re planning on spending most of your time anyway.
We like to get the flavor of the whole area so we stay in Brentwood. To really appreciate the Nashville area plan on staying for about week and travel around. There are beautiful homes and landscape to see and all the little places that you would otherwise miss. Of course we also met up with some of our other favorite people that live there. Having breakfast with Steve Schlapman and catching up on the Dogwood Project is always a treat. This year we also met up with Brandon Lay who had just returned from a trip to New York where he opened for Brantley Gilbert. I think you’ll be hearing a lot about him in the near future. Again, check out his music on YouTube.

So basically, a vacation to Nashville will never be disappointing. In fact, it’s drawing me back at the end of October. I’m going to do my first 5K with the Chris Young Fan Club at the Susan G Komen Walk. I hope that you will one day have the pleasure of seeing this great area of Tennessee! I would love to hear where your favorite places are in Nashville because if I haven’t been to it yet, Kelly and I will definitely check it out next summer. Until next time ~ Tracy

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