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photo-1There are certainly many things in life that “aren’t fair,” but I don’t believe any can compete with the fact that our pets are only given to us for a short time. When Katie & I got together I not only gained a wonderful woman, I gained an incredibly sweet & loving dog. She rescued Ginger, her beloved pit bull, several years ago, just hours before she was scheduled to be euthanized. Ginger was one of the kindest & most affectionate dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of having in my home. I only had her for a few months before a nasal tumor that moved into her brain took her from us, but I cherish every second. We were “nap buddies” & I was blessed that I was by her side in our bed when she drew her last breath. It was a heartbreaking moment that I wouldn’t have missed.
photoIt’s a cruel trick that we’re given these wonderful additions to our families & they’re taken from us so soon, but PLEASE don’t let that stop you from rescuing a pet. And may I say the bad rap pit bulls get is beyond me. Every one I’ve been around has been an absolute delight. Don’t be roped in by bad press. Any dog, raised poorly, without training or love, can be dangerous. Blame the owner, not the breed.
Safe travels, our sweet Ginger. We think of you fondly every day & always will.

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