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10492095_10154325830415366_5928142217421076588_nGarth Is Back!
It’s so exciting for all of us as fans, but also to learn from. Garth does business in such a way that I think everyone one of us can learn from.
It’s interesting to me that a lot business’ now are about cutting costs, putting out a product that’s maybe not quite as good as it can be but, good enough. Garth has never done that. He puts the fan first ALWAYS and that in turn makes us more loyal and appreciate him all the more.
I remember one time Tony and I showed up to introduce an artist who had a few hits and even said once “I sing better than Garth and am better looking, why is he so big?”. The artist and his staff could not have been more rude to us, the fans who got back stage, just mean to everyone. Then, you have the Garth experience, without boring you with the story, almost every radio host in the country can tell you a story of how Garth and his crew are so over the top super serving to the fans, winners, radio hosts and so on.
The prices, he keeps low as possible to still put on a good show. Acts like the Stones, Eagles, etc… ( AND I LOVE THEM) have more money than they can ever spend, but still charge hundreds of dollars a ticket, taking the average person out of the running for good tickets.
Finally, putting his music on and putting it out his way. It will be affordable, and this is just a guess, but I bet you can only buy the entire cd. Now some will say that’s greedy or a way to pump up his numbers, BUT, musicians, writers, etc.. don’t get the money they would make when you buy one or two songs from an album. If Garth does it that way, it will help many, many, behind the scenes people and their income.
IMG_3934 I wish more business leaders would look at the Garth model of CUSTOMER/FAN first, and watch their business grow instead of the what we can get by with and save a buck.
Can’t wait to hear the new music and see the legend back on the road.

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