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Summer, Summer, Summertime

Well, the kids are out of school, the weather is FINALLY nice and most of the parents around are trying to plan “THE BEST SUMMER EVER” for their kids. I don’t know about you but I am ready to pull my hair out! With summer camps, band practices (yes over summer), playdates, and vacations I am finding summer is over before it has even begun. How can this be!

best-summer-everI searched the web for something other than my super cool, super organized, and color coded calendar that I keep for our daily lives to help me schedule vacations. I want to find off the beaten path stuff to do, fun little diners, and even little adventures for a day or two.

Upon my search I found I have to admit this website is super cool! I found it easy to use, I set up a 5 day trip around PA in about 20 minutes. This is including driving directions, hotels, diners, and things to see/do. However, not only can you plan a trip but you can create a Bucket List of places you may want to go someday that do not fit into this current trip. I have found that super handy!

The second best thing about this website, they have an app for your phone. So you can link what you created on line to your phone and carry it with you!

I sometimes cannot believe how smart people are to create such websites and apps….but, I thank them. I hope your summer plans are going well-we are doing a trip called “Tour of PA” , New York City, and perhaps the Beach at the end of summer.

Happy Sun!

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