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Chris is a Texas fan, but Kris posted this just because...

Chris is a Texas fan, but Kris posted this just because…

I am so excited for this next week to happen, not only does Chris Young have the number one song right now with ‘Who I am With You’, but this upcoming weekend he will be here in town, as he is currently an opener on Dierks Bentley’s Riser Tour along with Chase Rice and John Pardi. If you have read any of my previous blogs you know I am a huge fan of Chris Young. Over time I have introduced non country listeners to Chris Young’s music by passing along a CD (something members of the fan club have been doing long before I ever knew who Chris Young was) and I am often asked why I am such a huge fan. It was Chris Young’s voice and the first time I saw him live at a casino doing an acoustic show back in 2009 that drew me in, and though that plays a part in me remaining a fan, it is the Young Country Family and Chris’ down to earth personality that keeps me there. I remember before I ever joined the fan club I was looking for a copy of Country Weekly with Chris on the cover. A fan club member was gracious enough to send it to me, and even though I offered to pay for it and shipping she wouldn’t accept it. To this day I have never met this nice lady, but she left the biggest positive impact on me and is the reason I decided to join the fan club. I still have that Country Weekly, as there was a picture on the inside that Chris was kind enough to autograph for me the first time I met him in a Meet and Greet before one of his concerts. His fan club is like no other. I am currently a member of about 5 or 6 different fan clubs, but there are fan clubs and then there is Chris Young’s fan club. They offer a variety of levels that allows you to join and allows the opportunity for Meet and Greets each year, but really his fan club isn’t about the meet and greets, at least for me it isn’t. It is about the family that surrounds the fan club. Terri Thompson is an amazing fan club president who constantly bends over backwards helping fans and goes the extra mile to keep us informed on things going on. Rebecca Harris works closely with Terri and in my humble opinion the two of them are unstoppable. They make such an incredible team and truly have everyone’s best interest in mind. There is such a personal touch to the way things are done, and seeing the love and support the fans give one another when they are dealing with personal issues, or need to vent, or just looking for some advice is amazing. Over the last 3 years that I have been a member of the fan club I have seen the love and support grow but not only for Chris as I would expect it to grow as he becomes bigger in the music business, but for the fans. It truly is like no other fan club, but I believe it is because it is a Family of Fans. If you are looking for a fan club to join, I highly suggest you join Chris Young’s. If you have never seen him in concert, please go see him. If you are on the fence about being a fan, or you somewhat like him, see him in concert and walk away from the show wanting more. If you don’t own his albums, go buy them, you will love them. Chris can sing anything. A couple of my favorites that he has covered are Grenade (Bruno Mars) and he did Change the World (Eric Clapton) for the Grammy’s. Pixelmator-picture29They are both on YouTube, look them up; you will be even more blown away by this man’s voice. I am hoping to be lucky enough to make it to a couple of his solo shows coming up in the near future. I love seeing him on tour with fellow artist, but his solo shows are my favorite and as he continues to grow in the industry they come far and few in between which is awesome for him, as hopefully he will be headlining his own tours soon, but for now being that I live on the west coast we don’t get many of his solo shows, so if it is driving distance, and I am able to work it out with work I try to catch them when I can. Chris Young, I would just like to say thank you for being so down to earth and sharing your beautiful voice with us. Terri and Becky, Thank You for EVERYTHING y’all do for us around the clock, and just purely being awesome.

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  1. Lori

    Great article! And I love that you used my picture of Chris! It is my all-time favorite. It was taken in Dothan, AL on October 31, 2010. ROLL TIDE

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