5 Questions For Kris

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images1. Are you still songwriting?
Trying, I have written about 10 times this month. It’s tough getting everyone’s schedule and keeping a full time job but it’s fun.

2. You talk about Jack Fire and Tito’s Vodka a lot, do you drink beer at all? What kind?
I’m not real picky about beer, just about any lite beer is good for me

10171789_626202487457190_597161127818556148_n-e140084154920713. How come we don’t see you and Tony on the Award Shows for DJ of year?
Probably because we are not good enough, but a little bit of that is 2 big companies
own most of the radio stations and they all vote for their own folks. Hard for the little guys
to get through.

4. Are you scared of snakes?
I’m not a fan.

5. Who’s the last celebrity you texted with?
Lee Ann Womack (who by the way has a new song on iTunes “The Way I’m Livin'”

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