Kris Answers 5 Questions- Phones, Trucks, Dates, & Singing

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Thanks Kevin listening to Highway Country in Barstow for these questions..

Unknown-11. What kind of cell do you prefer? I’m an iPhone guy. Apple all the way, Mac, Apple TV. I drank the Kool-Aid

2. You & Tony share so much about your personal life on air, does that ever bother you?
Not really, Tony and I know what to share and if something needs to be quiet we can do it, although eventually it comes out.

3. Can you sing? Do you sing Karaoke?
No and No. Wish I could, but I know it’s not good when I do

4. What’s the last big purchase you made? IMG_3066
My Truck

5. On a date, where is your “go to” place to take her?
Don’t have one. Each lady is different in her taste. If I’m trying to impress her, I’ll get an idea of what she’d enjoy and plan from there.

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