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images-1Let’s talk about simple courtesy for a second. It’s clearly not what it used to be. I’m not sure if people don’t want to be courteous or if parents the last few years have failed to teach those manners. I bring it up over a frustrating situation. Katie & I are looking for a new house/apartment & one of the places we’re looking is Craigslist. We found a great house so I e-mailed the person. The ad encouraged us to “tell a little about ourselves” & he’d be showing the place soon. That was 3 days ago, the same day it posted, and still no response. IMG_1840I get not writing back a few days after an ad posts because you’re probably inundated, but we were one of the first. How about a “thanks for contacting me but the house is rented?” It’s one of my many pet peeves. If you open that can of worms, you have to be willing to reasonably follow-up. What courtesies have you noticed disappearing?

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