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Would you marry someone that can’t be themselves?

whipped-by-woman-900-600-07-05-12It’s an interesting topic to me because we’ve talked about it on the show before. I refuse to get married again unless I’m marrying my best friend and I love everything about her and she loves everything about me and we both can be who we really are at all times.
Pixelmator picture Here are two examples of why I bring it up. A friend of mine works in a place that I frequent in downtown Nashville. He told me about 2 celebrity husbands that come in and don’t drink or eat unhealthy when they are with their wives. They don’t really fraternize with anyone else in the place, just their wives. Borderline rude. They said when the two husbands come in without the wives, they are different people, language is a little more colorful, drinks, and unhealthy eating. They will buy drinks for folks and are just a lot more friendly. I did not believe the story until the other day I ran into one of the couples and the husband who I’ve had drinks with put his down, walked to table with wife and never looked at anyone. A person at the bar said “Oh he’s with his wife, he’s a different person when he’s with her”. Now I’m not saying he’s doing anything bad, but if you can’t eat what you like, or have a beer because she does not allow it doesn’t sound like fun to me. Am I wrong? Leave your comments.

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  1. Barbara Harper

    I agree with you Kris! After 41 1/2 years of marriage to Greg there is no way we would try to change or act differently around other people, nor would we want to. He has a wry sense of humor and through the years it has gotten him in some trouble with people, but you know what it is just him and I figure if people can’t laugh at his sense of humor then that is their loss! You have it right, you need to marry your best friend and that is the secret to a long marriage. Sure there are times when it is tough, but if you truly love someone it will all be all right. Take care.

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