Tony Answers Your Questions

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1. What was the craziest thing you did while you were in high school?

I have 2 memories I’m willing to share. One is repeatedly jumping off the Coosa River Bridge in my hometown of Gadsden, AL. So dumb & dangerous, but we did it many times, even at night. The other is cruising around a rich part of town with 3 other guys, finding homes with pools & jumping in & swimming around, even if the people were home & in the pool. We met a lot of confused & angry people that day!

2. Now that you’re divorced, do you think you’ll ever get married again?

I always said I wouldn’t, but now, I can absolutely see myself marrying again. I like the comfort of one partner, and I’d like to get it right this time. (Even though you’d think after over 20 years, I must have gotten something right the first time.)

3. Where is your dream vacation?

There are so many places I’ve yet to visit that I really want to check out, but I guess my number one destination is Australia. I’ve always wanted to get there & someday I will!

4. What’s the last book you read?

I’ve always been a voracious reader, but I haven’t had much time for it recently. I think the last thing I read was actually a re-reading of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy.

5. What’s your favorite foreign food?

I LOVE Mexican & Chinese/Japanese food, but I couldn’t live without Italian.

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