Kris’ 5 Questions

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Katrina from Joshua Tree California sent in this batch of questions. Thank you Katrina. (send your questions to

Unknown-11. It’s baseball season, do you have a favorite baseball team?
The Nashville Sounds of course, grew up a Braves fan when they sucked, and I like Padres and Yankees also.

2. You talk about your dating life a lot, name 5 things you look for in a woman
No Drama, FUN, Fit, Great Smile, Cute butt

3. Do you keep you wash your own car?
I used to be awful about that, now I get it detailed regularly.. But doing it myself? Ha, no.

Unknown4. What’s the best concert you’ve seen recently?
Keith Urban is always amazing

5. What’s a movie that is not mainstream that you like to watch?
Seems Like Old Times – Watch it. Hilarious. (it’s on youtube for some reason)


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