Tony’s Blog – Singin’ In The Rain With My Daughter


UnknownThere are all kinds of rites of passage in our lives. First love, first car, first job & many more. My youngest had one recently & I got to be involved. She’s had a few jobs, but they haven’t really lasted long. She started her current one about a month ago & has already been promoted, with a raise, so she’s clearly doing well & very happy. The other day she met some actors from a local college who came in to her store & they told her she should come check out their production of Singin’ In The Rain. She came home & said she wanted to go, so we did. To my pleasant surprise, she bought the tickets. It was the first time she ever paid my way for anything. I remember the first time I did that for my dad & it was such a big moment. I hope the importance of it wasn’t lost on her. It certainly struck me & made me incredibly proud of her.

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