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blog-rushing-grocery-cartIf you listen to the show, you heard me talk about this and Tony’s great point about “TEACHING MOMENTS’. Parents don’t seem to take opportunities when they come up to TEACH a child something. Here’s a perfect example and what we talked about on the show. I’m at the grocery store, stopped reaching for something. I kid about 15 comes up pushing a cart and rams me right on the ankle. It’s still bruised. He was texting on his phone. His mom, said “watch where you are going and sorry about that”. They went on down the aisle. First, the mom apologized, not the kid. That was a “TEACHING MOMENT” about showing respect, how to properly apologize. Second, this young man will be driving soon if he is not already. If he can’t push a grocery cart down an aisle without hitting someone, will he be doing that when driving? Now, the mom may have talked to him on way home, but it really got us talking about “TEACHING MOMENTS”. Hope when I have kids that I am able to use moments like that to teach and not let them slip by. Have you had any great “TEACHING MOMENTS”?

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