Kris’ Blog – Best Movie I’ve Seen In A Long Time


UnknownGot to see Non-Stop this weekend. I enjoy a good action/thriller movie but have not seen a good one in forever. Liam Neeson’s NON-STOP is very good in my opinion. It kept my attention and had me on the edge of my seat a few times. If you are a talker during movies, first of all, nobody likes you, second you will miss things that tell the story and clue you in on what is happening. It’s hard to believe Liam is 62 but he held his own, the actions scenes were believable. It had surprisingly little bad language, just violence. One word of advice though, if you will be flying anytime soon, I’d hold off on this movie until after. Did you see Non-Stop? Do you agree with me? Did you see anything else? How was it?

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