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I just read a survey that reveals 96% of people say Skype helps give them a closer connection to a loved one who lives far away. I have to agree completely. We first used it to stay in touch with Lexi when she was going to school in San Diego & we lived in imagesNashville. Then, a few months ago when I started my current relationship on Twitter & realized she lived far away, we decided early on that Skype would be vital if we were going to make it work until she got here. It offers us the chance to see each other every day & that makes a huge difference. The phone is great, but it can’t compete with being able to see the face of the person you care for & miss. If you have someone you love who you don’t see often enough, and you haven’t tried Skype or Facetime yet, I strongly suggest you step into 2014. You won’t regret it!

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