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Parenting Teens And ScreensI love watching movies. I always have. As my kids have gotten older, I see that they inherited my love for film & it’s always fun to swap reviews & recommend flicks to each other. That being said, I’ve learned that I can’t always trust their reviews. In particular, Meredith has led me astray a couple times. She tried to warn me off Insidious, saying it was awful. My girlfriend really liked it though & said it was scary. We watched it last night & I loved it. It gave me many chills & freaked me out. We discovered why Meredith probably wasn’t scared – She spends most of her time on her phone during movies. It’s hard to get wrapped up in a story when you only pay attention to about 30% of it! I know we’re all guilty of spending a lot of time staring at our phone, but put it down once in a while & go old school: WATCH a movie, rather than listening to one.

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