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images-1Hey there,
I usually try to be positive in the blogs but I have to get something off my chest. BAD DRIVERS. Example number one. People that don’t use their turn signals drive me crazy. Lane changes, turns, whenever you do those things the signal is for other people to know what you are doing. There is a road that I travel often and the traffic is awful. You have to wait forever for an opportunity to pull into traffic. It never fails that you will sit there for a long time and it will be clear one way and then a group of cars are coming from the other imagesdirection. The lead car will then turn without the use of the signal. It was my chance to go, now I have to wait what seems like forever again. Frustrating.
The other thing is people that don’t turn on their lights when it is almost dark or if it is gloomy, rainy outside. The driver may be able to see, but we may not be able to see the driver. Thanks for letting me vent. What things to drivers do that drive you crazy?

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