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images-1I’m a sports nut and a little bit sad. It’s not because football season is over but for another reason. Rumor is that Brent Musberger is being let go from ABC College Football broadcasts. He’s well into his 70s and his game has dropped a bit, but it’s still Brent giving the play by play. Opening his broadcast with his phrase “You are looking live”. When Brent hangs it up, almost all of the legends will be gone from the Unknownbroadcast booth. Today with every team having it’s own broadcasts, and there being so many networks, there will never be legends like the old school guys again.
My favorites growing up when there was just 3 networks were many. Howard Cosell, Pat Sumerall, Dick Enberg, Keith Jackson, Dick Stockton, Charlie Rose, and Al Michaels.
I will miss the days when you knew if they were there, it was a big deal!
Below is video of Howard telling the world about John Lennon

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