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imagesNo matter where you live, you probably have some cool hidden gems in your city. Be it an attraction, a historical place or an off-the-beaten-path restaurant, we all have our favorite spots. Last week, I was watching an episode of Justified (which my girlfriend turned me on to & I love) and they mentioned Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville. I’ve heard about it before but images-1never thought to check it out. We decided if it was good enough to be mentioned on TV, we should try it. It’s tiny & we walked in to a line that stretched out the door. After 45 minutes, we dove in & it was worth every minute of that wait. So good! The lesson I learned was that no matter how long you’ve lived somewhere, there are probably some great spots you haven’t experienced in your town. Be a tourist, do a little Googling & take advantage!

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