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UnknownAnyone who spends a significant amount of time around me can attest to the fact that I might be a bit stubborn. (Shut up, Kris.) When I get it in my head I’m not going to do something, it rarely happens. When Top Gun came out in the 80’s I had no interest in seeing it, even though my friends all thought I was crazy. I dug in my heels & didn’t see it until the early 2000’s. (By the way, I didn’t regret not seeing it. Meh.)
Another BIG hit I never saw was Titanic. My youngest loves it & she laid a major guilt trip on me this week to watch it with her. So, I buckled. Once again, my instincts were right. Cut at least an hour out of this & could be okay. Three hours? Really? I like James Cameron when he does sci-fi (Terminator & Terminator 2, Aliens, etc.) but this was a poorly written cheese-fest. Given the choice, I’d rather sink on the actual ship than sit through the movie again.

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