IMG_2105Probably the most scary affliction someone who talks or sings for a living can face is a problem with the throat. I faced it head-on recently. I’ve felt something foreign in my throat when I swallow for a month or so. I finally went to the ENT doctor & had it checked out. My nerves were high & my heart thumping as he ran the scope through my sinus & down my throat (a really uncomfortable procedure, by the way). Of course, the dream is that there’s nothing major wrong & certainly you don’t want to hear the “C” word. In my case, I have a lesion on the left vocal fold of my voice box. It’s called a granuloma & is benign, thank God. I’m on what’s known as professional vocal rest. I get to work normally but I’m to be as quiet as possible outside the job & start talking in a less projected & more “conversational” tone, which goes against how I’ve spoken since I was 14. Moral of the story? If you know something isn’t right with your body, get it checked sooner than later. Save yourself the stress of not knowing & get whatever it is treated!

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