Kris Answers 5 Questions About Radio

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Mike who listens to Star Country in PA. sent these 5 Questions

1. I want to get into radio, how would you suggest I go about it?
I wouldn’t! It’s a business that is changing daily and not for the better.

2. What’s something behind the scenes that we don’t see that you hate about radio?
You know something that always bugs me is when managers or radio stations spend their time trying to hurt the other stations in town instead of just doing the best job they can do. If you spend your time tearing down banners of another station or trying to upset the other station instead of trying to be the best you can be, to me is a cowards’s way of doing things, it’s like saying “I don’t know what I’m doing so I’ll try to keep you from doing things”. You don’t see the N.Y Giants running around town ripping down JETS signs or trying to prevent them from working out or doing anything, they focus on their team and practice. That’s one of many things I don’t like about radio

3. Who are some of the biggest guests that you’ve interviewed?
I could go and on with this. Everyone in country, out of country music. President Jimmy Carter, Harrison Ford, Sly Stallone, Ron Howard, etc..

4. Do you like the way country music is today as opposed to the old country?
I love old country, but like a lot of what’s out today

5. Who do you think the biggest country artist is?
All Time? Right Now? Many ways to answer this. I say Garth. He did 7 shows for charity here a few years ago and it was amazing the electricity he brought to Nashville. Can’t wait for his comeback.

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