Unknown-7 Just getting back in the groove after the Tony & Kris Country Cruise. We’ve already announced plans for next year and I can tell you for sure it will be the biggest and coolest yet. DETAILS HERE . Want to take a second and thank everyone who went on the cruise, told their friends about it and helped us. It means a lot to us and again we thank you.
images-16 Have you seen Gravity? I haven’t yet, but everyone is telling me how great it is. Going to try and make plans to see it this week or first of next week. If you saw it, is it worth the hype?
Football season is in full swing and as a HUGE Alabama fan, we seem to be on track for the SEC Championship game assuming we get past LSU. I think the Tigers are underrated and I’m a little billboard_2_3nervous about that game coming up in November.
If you are on twitter, hope you follow me @Kris5150 and I’m now on Instagramm although I have no idea how to find me. I think I’m Kris5150 on there too. LOL.blogs header Tony and Kris

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