5 Questions For Kris – Dancing, Phones, & Getting Shot


images-191. You joke all the time about the parts on TV shows that you’ve been in and how
cheesy they were, what shows are they?
Oh wow, HUNTER, RENEGADE, 18 Wheels Of Justice, Silk Stalkings, Saints & Sinners,
Pensacola:Wings Of Gold, and TV Movie called HEARTS ADRIFT
…… The pic is of me on one of the episodes I did of Renegade right before I
got shot to death. Directed by the great Perry Husman.

2. You make fun of Dancing With The Stars a lot, would you ever take dance lessons?
Yes, I’ve considered Salsa, but I’d have to go with patient people. I’m not the
images-17 best dancer in the world.

3. What was the last concert you went to just to see and it was not work related?
Kenny Rogers just the other night. He’s an amazing showman. I suggest everyone
see him at least once

4. What type phone do you use? iPhone, Droid, or something else?
I am an Apple guy. iPhone for me. I don’t have the new one yet, I’ll get the
new one that comes out.

IMG_19905. Are you honest with people about songs you don’t like?
I don’t set out to insult them. Usually I find other ways to compliment them
and hope they don’t directly ask me if I like it, cause I have told artist
that have done that, NO I hate it. LOL. Sorry Blake. Ha

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