Kris Answers Your Questions


images1.What is your favorite potato chip?
BBQ and Pringles

2. Do you have any phobias?
Not that I can think of, I’m not a fan of flying because I can’t do anything if something goes wrong. I like to be able to control my fate.

148723_10150308918955366_328019610365_15737729_2292342_n3. Why do you hate cats so much?
It’s not that I hate cats, it’s that I’m badly allergic to them.

4. Do you prefer a girl that is always dolled up or a girl that can pull her hair back and be casual?
Can I get a little of both?

5. Who is the last celebrity that you text?
Keith Urban

BONUS- Will you and Tony do another Country Cruise next year?
YES! We are already planning it. Luckily, our show is growing and now we are some bigger stations and artists are starting to approach us about going on the cruise. We should have the biggest one yet in 2014 with MORE artists than ever before.

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