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Pixelmator picture Hey! Hope you all are having a great holiday weekend. It’s the usual Nashville crazy around here. In one day last week, I hit a Chris Young CD release preview party and Chris sounded great as always. George Strait plaque presentation party, and performance from George was up next right down the street. My friend and I then went over to Loser’s to catch the Randy Rogers Band in concert. Amazing band that you should check out.
IMG_1099 You know this is my favorite time of year as football season kicked off yesterday. Alabama won and have started the season with a goal of a 3rd National Championship in 3 seasons. I am crossing my fingers.
IMG_1112 My nephew is losing his teeth now. It reminded me of how my mom always lied to me and I must have been really dumb because I fell for it every time. She’d tie a string around my loose tooth and then tell me on count of 5 she’d pull. She’d always yank it out on 2 or 3. I got mad every time. That’s a quick recap of everything I got going on. Trying to get all our work covered for the cruise that is coming up soon. The cool thing is that we are already being approached by artist for NEXT year’s cruise and it will be HUGE! Have a good one.

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