Kris Answers 5 Questions


1. How much time a day do you think you spend on your facebook account?

I actually deleted my account a while back. During the show everyday, we have the Tony & Kris Facebook up and that’s about the only time I’m on it. I’m on twitter and instagram, mostly because I can post and move on since I don’t really care what other people are posting since I mostly care about only me. KIDDING.

IMG_10992. You have been talking about how you are allergic to cats. Do you have any other allergies?
Yeah, dogs too but not as bad. The weird allergy I have is anything from Del Taco, Sierra Mist, and Crunch Bars. All three of those are owned by the same company so they must have some sort of product in all of their brands that I’m allergic to.

3. Your Alabama Crimson Tide football season is kicking off soon. Are you going to any games this year?
I’m planning on going to the LSU game. I’ll be watching all of them though with family and friends.

4. The Tony and Kris Country Cruise is almost here. What was your favorite part of last year’s cruise?
SO many great times on the cruise last year. I would say Jerry the bar singer in the main lobby was fun because we all just kind of met up there every night and watched him sing. The best for me, probably a day in Mexico that was just fun.

IMG_01505. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
That’s a tough one. If I’m alive, I’ll probably be living on a beach somewhere and songwriting. If I ever get married, probably be doing a lot of traveling and just living a laid back fun life with her.

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