Tony’s Blog – Bittersweet Time Of Year


Unknown-8The school year is underway in Nashville & it’s a bittersweet time for me. Did I enjoy the mad scramble of buying school supplies, getting everyone ready for the new school year and filling out mountains of paperwork for each kid? No way. Do I miss having all my babies in the house & helping them succeed at school? Absolutely. This is the first time in 17 years we haven’t had a kiddo in regular school. Lexi’s a college graduate, Geoffrey’s a college sophomore & Meredith tested out of school last month & will start college in the fall. These are all exciting things, but I miss the excitement in their eyes IMG_1060as they started a new year (of course, it dissipated quickly, but that’s another story). Now, the only prep is filling out loan documents and that’s just flat-out depressing. I guess I shouldn’t complain. Part of being a parent is raising your children to move on with their lives on their own, but there’s just no way to prepare yourself for how sad it makes you when they actually do.

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