Hey there,
Hope all is well in your world. The usual stuff going on in my world, writing, working, and trying to sneak in a beverage every now and then. I did a juice cleanse this week and feel great. If you have never tried one, I really think you should try it.

images-2 We always joke about my disaster of a dating life on the show and something happened this week that was pretty interesting. My therapist who I love Ruth, pointed out “AGAIN” that I am commitment phobic. (There is an article on it at She said I only go out with people when I know that the relationship will never work. I argued as usual before finally agreeing as she pointed out example after example. Hoping that maybe we were both wrong, I asked all my friends (which is a small tight circle) do you think I am fearful of commitment? After each one stopped laughing and said YES without question, it made me realize and able to admit that I can’t commit. Don’t know why, I just can’t. I like the idea of it but if someone comes along and it looks good, I’ll figure a way out. Who knows why? Guess I have to figure it out. It must really be obvious too, I met a nurse and have seen her a few times here and there. She and I have had some conversations and she flat out said the other day. “You are one of those guys that will take off if we ever got serious aren’t you?” I asked why she said that and she said “I’m almost 30 and can spot it a mile away”. She then asked some questions that really got me Unknown-4thinking, What is your idea of a relationship? What scares you about a relationship? Why don’t you define what a relationship is to you and when you meet someone, you can actually tell them that this is what you think a relationship is?
Do you see yourself someday in a relationship and if so what qualities do they have and instead of listing the negatives, the dealbreakers, tell me the positives of what you look for in a woman.
Anyway, naturally I have no answers to these things but it was just interesting to me. Do any of you have these issues? Dated someone with them? Would love to hear your thoughts on these things. Until next time. Have a great one.


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