5 Questions With Kris


1. Are their any artist that did not make it that you really thought deserved to make it?
Oh lord yes. Many, many talented people come through this town and for whatever reasons, timing, breaks, songs, whatever, they just don’t click. A few artist that pop into my head are Bradley Gaskin, Sons Of The Desert, and Wade Hayes.

2. When’s the last time you made a big mistake?
Ha, contrary to popular belief. I am not perfect. Just like everyone I am flawed and make mistakes all the time, some bigger than others and some with more consequences than others. The only thing I know is that I try to be better everyday than I was the day before. Try not to make the same mistakes over and over

3. What’s something that always makes you smile?
Easiest question ever. My nephew, he’s just awesome.

4. How many cars have you had?
Hmmmmn. I need to think on that for a second. My first car a Subaru, Chevy S10, Camaro, Chevy S10, another Chevy S10, A Colarado, and now a Honda Ridgeline,

5. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone getting into radio?
Get into something else. Seriously, that would be it.

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