Tony Answers Your 5 Questions

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IMG_10601. What were your kids favorite books to read when they were kids? They all had different favorites, but the Little Critter series was big, as was Dr. Seuss.

2. Do you get embarrassed easily? When was last time you got embarrassed? Not really, no. I couldn’t say.

3. What’s something cool that you’ve recently seen in Nashville? Can’t think of anything new. I do always love running in Centennial Park and seeing the life-size replica of the Parthenon. So cool.

4. How often do you and Kris fight? We don’t. The reason 2 stubborn, grumpy guys can still be friends & business partners after 20-something years is we know there’s nothing that can’t be worked out without a fight. We occasionally have different opinions, but it never devolves into a fight.

5. What’s your favorite snack? Probably chips. I’m really trying to curb my sweet tooth. Sugar’s the worst thing I do to myself, other than drinking.


How long have you and your wife been split up? We’ve been split since last May. Difficult decision after so many years, but it was the right one. Both happier & getting along SO much better!

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