Tony Answers 5 Questions

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Unknown-41. What’s your favorite sports teams? I only follow football, so: NCAA – Alabama & Notre Dame. NFL – Green Bay & San Diego

2. How has radio changed since you and Kris started as a team? I don’t think I have enough space for that. Clearly, the technology has improved greatly, social media has started playing a huge role & there’s no longer a “training ground” for young talent. One thing will always be the same, though: People love music & they love to hear favorite personalities share it.

Unknown-33. You’re big on Twitter. Who are some suggested follows? It depends on why you’re on Twitter. If you just want laughs, skip the famous comedians who mostly just plug their paid gigs & look for regular, real funny people. There are also tons of great accounts to follow for news, entertainment, sports, etc. Do a search & try some. If you don’t like them, you can always unfollow!

4. Have you ever walked out of a movie? The only time I can remember walking out was the remake of Godzilla that starred
Matthew Broderick. Absolutely awful.

5. What’s a hobby you enjoy? I love reading, music & movies. For outdoors, biking & running.
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