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georgejones_keithrichards_h_jimages-5………..Hi there. I am saddened like everyone that loves country music by the passing of George Jones. George had been on our show several times over the years and was always pretty funny and had amazing stories about the old days of touring. People that don’t like country usually say they don’t like the “Twangy” country. George was that, and amazing. He was not just an idol to many country stars, but other formats of music as well. One of my favorite George Jones songs is “Good Year For The Roses” and Elvis Costello does an amazing cover of it if you get a chance to check it out on iTunes. There is a legendary story around Nashville of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones flying to Nashville and waiting for hours just to meet George. Keith even had sent a letter saying he planned to attend George’s farewell concert this winter. Keith-Richards-282x300He has a book “I lived to tell it all” that is nothing short of unreal. Another favorite of mine I encourage you to check out is “Once You’ve Had The Best” and “Tennessee Whiskey”. If you are fan of country music and have not grabbed a couple of George Jones Greatest Hits, you really are missing out. I hope you give him a listen and share with some of your friends too.
I could list so many of my favorites, but here is my top ten ok, eleven

The Race Is On
The One I Loved Back Then (Corvette Song)
Once You’ve Had The Best
Good Year For The Roses
Tennessee Whiskey
The Grand Tour
We’re Not The Jet Set
Two Story House
Same Ole Me
He stopped Loving Her Today

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