Tony Answers 5 Of Your Questions

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1. What’s something you would suggest as a great thing that’s easy to cook for surprise guests? Any time I make a soup, chili, casserole, etc. I always make extra so I can freeze a few portions. Then, if I have unexpected dinner guests I can just pop it in the oven & I have a great meal with no prep.

crossfit-kids2. What was your favorite pet? I couldn’t pinpoint one. I’ve had several dogs through the years & I loved every one of them.

3. You talk a lot about CrossFit. What is it? It’s a high-intensity style of workout that focuses on functional fitness. That is, doing exercises that actually benefit you in ways you can use as opposed to say, a benchpress, which isn’t functional unless you’re flat on your back & need to lift a car off your chest. You can see more about it at

4. What’s the last concert you attended where you actually paid for the tickets? Wow. I think you’d have to go all the way back to 2008 when Lexi & I went to Coachella in Indio, CA. It was worth every penny, too!
IMG_04795. What’s the last 5 songs played on your iPod? Change – John Waite; Your Heart Is An Empty Room – Death Cab For Cutie;
Back On The Chain Gang – The Pretenders; To Lose My Life – White Lies; Hey – Pixies


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