Kris’ 5 Questions


DownloadedFile-171. List 5 things that annoy you

People that don’t use turn signals
People that don’t put shopping cart into bin in parking lots
People that are nosy and ask questions that are none of their business
Rude people, how hard is it to be nice
Baby talk.if you are an adult, talk like an adult

2. List 5 things you love

Vodka, Pizza, Women, Music, and myself

DownloadedFile-183. List 5 movies you love

Jaws, Predator, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Silence Of The Lambs, and Get Him To The Greek

images-104. List 5 Places you would like to visit that you have not been

Egypt, Cabo, Italy, France, and Aruba

5. List last 5 songs on your iPod

Fader by the Temper Trap
My Kind Of Lover by Billy Squier
Pieces by Gary Allan
Black Sheep by John Anderson
All The Gold by the Gatlin Brothers

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