5 Questions With Tony

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DownloadedFile-11. Did you ever interview one of the greats of country music? Conway, Waylon, ect.. If you could interview one
of them today, who would it be? What would you ask? Are there any artists that remind you of any one of them?

We interviewed Willie Nelson a few years ago & also Eddy Arnold & George Jones. All amazing. I’d love to be able to interview Johnny Cash. Never had the chance & he’s one of my heroes. Hard to say what I’d ask. I’d just want to have a conversation & see what stories he told.

2. Do you like any of the late night talk shows? I still think David Letterman is one of the best, even though he’s a bit out of touch now & not as funny as he used to be. I believe Jimmy Kimmel is doing some of the best late night work on television today.

3. Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? I have no dog in the hunt, but I hope the 49’s take it.

DownloadedFile4. Are you a good cook? Yes. I love to cook. I’d go to culinary school if I ever got out of radio.

5. Who was the last movie star you talked to? I believe it was Lily Tomlin.

BONUS Question: What’s a song everyone should get ASAP? David Bowie – Where Are We Now. I can’t stop listening to it.

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