What’s up? Thought I’d take a second and talk about something I’ve really been enjoying in the last several months.

twitter tk headerI got a Twitter account several years ago but never really did much with it because it was a new format to me & there were so many different ways I saw others using it, I didn’t want to “do it wrong.” What I really just learned about Twitter last year is, you can’t do it wrong. If you’re enjoying it, that’s all that matters. For instance, I love to retweet a lot of people if I find what they say funny or insightful. Personally, I feel retweeting is a great way to discover new people & share the funny. However, not everyone does. Some folks just like to make their own comments & talk to their friends. Some follow only celebrities, some follow no celebrities. Pixelmator pictureThe point is, Twitter is continuing to grow as a popular social media outlet & if you’ve resisted hopping on the bandwagon because you don’t “get it”, I understand, as that’s where I was a year ago. But after a very active few months I’ve actually made some real friends who I truly enjoy. So don’t worry; however you want to use it is the right way to use it. Just have fun!

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